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spilled secrets: This section is where I have placed all my writings in original and fanfiction. Some of these will be slash (male/male sexual interaction/love) so if you are offended by such or it's illegal for you to view it, you should go quickly and quietly away.

gossip: Same warnings apply here as well, but this is the place where I have put my reccomendations for good, slashy reads. The stories/sites/authors will range from PG-R, anything higher will have a warning next to it.

idle hands: This is just a collection of various quizzes that I have taken and posted the results. They are all great for fighting a bit of boredom.

indescion: Use this to return back to this page.

motor-mouth: This is simply a link to my Livejournal, where I blather about my life, post updates and other things

overeating: Use this link to send me any comments ot criticism you have for my site and/or stories


Any recognizable characters are in no way owned by me and are the copywrights of their respective owners. I make no money off them and suing me results in nothing but a deranged cat and some battered HP books.

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