Under Glass

Rated: PG-15
Characters/Paring: Lex, Clark/Lex
Parts: 2/2?
Author: Sceleris

If Lex was asked how long he simply stood there, he would be hard pressed to give them an answer.

Clark’s face, dirty with grime after whatever disaster he had recently adverted, gazed back at him with an expression of tender amusement. Lex was quite sure he’d begun to hallucinate. Briefly, he went over a list of all the things he’d eaten or drank that day and was somewhat disappointed when he came up with nothing suspicious.

“What-“he stopped and swallowed, his throat suddenly dry “What are you doing here?”

“Today I rescued a couple from an earthquake. They had just had a fight, and one of them stormed out, angry and hurt. The earthquake hit before he could get to cover and luckily I was there. When I returned him, his wife was there by his side, checking him over, and repeating how sorry she was that he had almost died thinking that she had hated him. I saw the two of us in that same situation and I realized that I couldn’t let you live with the thought of me hating you.”

“Does this mean that I’m forgiven?” Lex asked, still uncertain as to whether or not this was all really happening.

“Yes, this means you’re forgiven…but only if all my previous stupidity is conveniently forgotten as well.”

Clark took a half step towards Lex “Do you think maybe I could come inside and get out of this thing? He asked, waving a hand towards the bright costume that he still wore.

Lex retreated back inside and held the door open in an invitation that Clark was all too happy to accept.

Inside, Lex watched as the tight suit was exchanged for jeans and a button up shirt. When Clark stood before him normal looking once again, fidgeting slightly but trying to hide it, Lex voiced the question that nagged at him still.

“Where do we go now?”

“Well if I was still a horny alien teenager, I’d say we go to the bedroom. As I am now a horny alien twenty something, I say we go to the nearest available surface. But, since I don’t think that would be a good idea, I say we start with something simple.”

Lex let out a laugh at the thought of Clark and him out on a date. “Metropolis society would go into cardiac arrest, along with Lois, at the sight of us together in a civilized outing. How does next Thursday work for you?”

Clark joined in as he was hit with the mental image of Lois in a hospital gown yelling, ”Dammit Smallville! Why didn’t you tell me you had an in with Luthor?” as they wheeled her into surgery.

The sight of Clark laughing left Lex unable to resist any longer and he crossed the distance separating them and pulled Clark into a hug that nearly rivaled Clark’s in strength.

“I missed you so much, you know that right?” Lex murmured into the warm fabric of Clark’s shirt.

Wrapping his arms around Lex and returning the hug with equal fervor, ever mindful not to squeeze too much, Clark replied with a simple “I know.”

They stood there wrapped around each other for longer than either of them could account for and it wasn’t until a passing glance at his watch told him he had to go that Clark gently untangled himself.

“I have to go, Perry gave me an article due tomorrow and I have to check in with Lois to verify a few sources.”

Lex nodded, and reached for his phone. Dialing the security desk downstairs, he left instructions that Clark was to be allowed to come and go unhindered. After he hung up, he walked Clark to the door, and unwilling to let everything go he asked as Clark stepped into the hall, “So…I’ll call you?”

Giving Lex a bright smile, Clark replied over his shoulder, “Yeah, it worked last time didn’t it?”

He walked away to the sound of Lex’s laughter and couldn’t remember a time he’d heard it sound so carefree.

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